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Anonymous Female

“I have gained a new understanding of what happened to me. I am feeling better and my thinking is more positive.” 2019

Anonymous Female

“I am now in control of my thoughts and my life. I have gained self-confidence in so many ways and I am no longer haunted by the past.” 2019


“I have been given the tools to cope with everyday life. Without counselling I would have continued to deny my situation and feelings which was having extreme detrimental effect on myself, family and friends… RASAC has saved me from self destruction without the support I would have crumbled – a true life saver.” 2019


“My RASAC counselling has completely changed my life… I am a better mother, a more involved member of the community and I am able to keep myself safe.” 2019


“I was counselled for almost a year. I had a wonderful counsellor who helped me through a very difficult and unpleasant time in my life. It has been a process of healing by revisiting past places which at one time felt unimaginable. The journey has been raw and unnerving but slowly I came to see how I was repairing my damaged self. I finally accepted ownership of what had happened to me and was able to let go of my guilt and shame. My counsellor understood my outlook on life and created a connection with me that was very special. I eventually looked forward to my session as a weekly debrief rather than a purge. I am as happy and confident as I have ever been and I tell people about what I have learnt to help turn their negativity into positivity. Fear can be a very powerful emotion and prevent us from moving on in our lives but once it is confronted the clouds separate and you can focus on that hint of sunshine.” 2019


“Counselling has made me who I am supposed to be… I am the person who i have always wanted to be and should have been… I will never forget my counsellor and if it wasn’t for her I would not be here. Thank you RASAC from the bottom of my heart.” 2019

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