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Due to the coronavirus outbreak and government guidelines we are not offering currently able to offer face to face counselling sessions but we are still processing referrals and can offer telephone counselling and social media face to face counselling through a number of methods, so please still refer yourself for a service and we will get back to you . The daily Advice and information line is also not available at this time but messages can still be left and will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Annual Report Findings 2019/2020


Every year RASAC is required by its funders including Hampshire County Council, NHS England and The Office for Police and Crime Commissioning to produce annual statistical reports. These inform the funders but more importantly shape future focus and strategy and inform us of any new trends. These reports in full can be obtained by request from the RASAC office.

During 2019/2020 (April to March) RASAC received nearly 400 referrals for a service (391) of which 331 were from females and 60 from males. While a much lower figure the number of males accessing our services represents an upward and ongoing trend in overall male referrals up from 13% in 2018/19 to 15% over 2019/20.

Of the 391, by far the greatest referral source (163) was direct from those wanting to access our service, while from professional sources the Police represented the most with 124 referrals.

We provided nearly 2,000 counselling sessions (1,854) over the year and on average saw around 50 people every week and had very few (4%) who did not turn up for counselling. Of those who attended and fed back about their therapeutic experiences over 90% reported that they had benefited from their counselling at RASAC, subjective feedback supported by the positive outcomes seen and measured through our 6 weekly client progress and review monitoring.

The bulk (97%) of those who we helped came from a White British ethnic grouping which is representative of the area that we cover across Central Hampshire.

By age group the most referrals for a service came from females aged 18-30 and by type of sexual trauma over 65% had experienced sexual trauma during childhood.

We maintained our high standards of seeing people as soon as possible by seeing over 93% of people within 3 weeks of initial contact and 84% of people started counselling with a trained counsellor within 12 weeks from the initial point of contact.

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