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About Friends of RASAC

The Friends of RASAC came about through two routes. Firsty, we wanted to involve survivors much more in helping us monitor what we do, how we do it, how we might do it better and in helping us plan any future developments and direction. Secondly, a number of survivors who had been involved with RASAC wanted to know if they could help support us in any way, whether with fundraising, providing help with policies and procedures, and in looking at better ways of promoting our image and services including being ambassadors championing the service.

The current Friends of RASAC, which we call the Friends team all come from a range of backgrounds, ages, and types of music they like! They all have relevant personal experiences, and between them have an enormous array of skills which they bring to the team contributing in their own but complementary ways – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

If you would like to know more about what the Friends do or want to contribute to RASAC financially please get in touch with us (email or Contact page), or maybe if you can just offer some occasional time to help with a specific event without the commitment of regular meetings you can become an associate Friend – you can never have enough Friends.

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